Interlude Facials

Mini Glow:


Simply for men and women on the go to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, basic mask application and moisture balance cream. Includes replenishing eye cream.

Revivor Treatment:


Same as miniglow with added soft net deep cleanse, brushing, gommage, therapy cream, mask and finishing cream, eye contour cream.

Refining Treatment:


Includes cleansing, toning, deep cleansing and exfoliating, massage face & décolleté, treatment cream, mask, eye mask, light finishing cream, eye cream.

Exclusive Treatment:


As Above with the inclusion of extractions, oxygen steam, corrective care concentrates and mask to fortify the skin’s support system, eye contour cream.

Prestige Spa Facial:


Luxurious and corrective for the ultimate in skin refining, firming and regeneration. Provides double mask, top care ampoules, serums with specialized ingredients and eye contour drainage massage & mask.

Enzymatic Professional Treatment:


Delicately removes dead cells in a two phase process leaving the skin brightened. For all skin types also suited for sensitive skin. A safe alternative to harsh chemical peels.

The Extras 


Ultimate Collagen lift Mask: $25.00

Eye Lift Collagen Mask: $18.00

Lip Plump: $18.00

Eye and Lip Combo: $32.00

Full eye Kinelase with mask: $80.00

Eyelash Tint:$38.00

Brow Tint: $30.00

Eyelash Lift: $80.00

Brow Lamination: $68.00

Brow Lamination and Eyelift Combo: $142.00

Interlude Hand and Foot Care

Interlude Hand Care



For people on the go… cut, file, buff and cuticle work with cream application, mini massage.

Full Luxury:


Warming hygienic hand soak, cut, file, buff, cuticle soak, sugar scrub, hand arm massage and polish.



As above with oil soak, hand mask and heated mitts or paraffin wax.

Interlude Foot Care



Mini soak, cut, file, buff nails, callus work, mini massage.

Full Luxury


Herbal or sea mineral foot soak, cut, file buff, callus, exfoliation, relaxation massage, hydrating vitamin cream and polish.



As above with foot mask and heated booties or paraffin wax.

Mani Extras

Massage with Hot Stones:


Polish Change:


Add Gelish:


Pedi Extras

Massage with Hot Stones:


Polish Change:


Add Gelish:


Interlude Hair Removal


Electrolysis is the only safe and permanent method of hair removal method medically approved that destroys the hair follicle and papilla.

Electrolysis hair removal is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. Also known as epilation, it does require multiple sessions to achieve best possible results hair removal. An electric current is applied with a very fine wire filament into each hair follicle to destroy the root. There are three types of electrolysis: galvanic, thermolysis and blend. Hair grows in different stages: growing, resting and shedding. Because all of the hair is not in the same stage at any given time, multiple sessions are needed to get the hair in the growth phase for electrolysis hair removal to be most effective.

A new sterile disposable filament is used for each client for every treatment. The inclusion of the disposable wire filament as well as pre and post care is inclusive of price.

20 Minutes Consultation:


15 Minutes:


30 Minutes:


45 Minutes:


60 Minutes:


Capillary Removal by Electrocoagulation: The coagulation (clotting) of tissue using a high-frequency electrical current applied locally with a metal instrument or wire filament with the aim of removing small veins that produce redness on the skin.

Also used for “skin tag” removal”.

$50.00 & up

Waxing and Sugaring


Body Area



Chin $14.00 $16.00
Eye Brows $16.00 $18.00
Upper Lip $12.00 $14.00
Sides of Face $25.00 $28.00
Underarms $20.00 $24.00
Arms $36.00 $40.00
Half Arm $25.00 $29.00
Lower Leg $42.00 $50.00
Thigh $50.00 $56.00
Full Leg $75.00 $95.00
Bikini Regular $22 & up $26 & up
Bikini High Cut $30 & up $36 & up
Bikini Brazilian $55 & up $60 & up

Interlude Body Treatments

Sunrise Body Wrap:


Sea algae, mineral extracts, vitamins A,C,E, fresh grapefruit and lemon extracts will add a total therapeutic experience for mind and body. A relaxing effleurage massage with a Vita Lipid complex, foil wrap & heated blanket offers a sense of balance, warmth, freshness and is detoxifying. Aids in improved circulation.

Back Finale:


Reduces itching, dryness, and pigment problems. Cleansing, phytogel application & brushing of skin to dissolve and remove keratinized cells, vapor, extractions, aroma back massage, mask, balancing tonic spray and protection cream.

Body Relaxation Massage

1/2 Hour:


3/4 Hour:


Full Hour:


Hot Stone Massage

3/4 Hour:


Full Hour:



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Undecided? Read Our Customer Testimonials!

Diane always delivers first-class services with a high level of professionalism in an exquisitely decorated environment, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that provides a momentary escape from life’s demands. The instant you enter the spa, you forget the outside world. Her warm and attentive nature always lifts your spirits. With her expertise, my skin has been restored to a brilliance and glow that I never imagined was possible. Thank you Diane for your second to none service and care!

Deb Lachance

Diane has been my esthetician for over a decade and I am pleased to let everyone know how satisfied I am with her professional service, luxurious treatments and surroundings as well her great products. I always feel that I am in competent and caring hands with Diane.

Sally MacDonald

I trust Diane and only Diane for my facials. I have sensitive skin and have always had beautiful results when using her products. Diane is professional yet very approachable and warm. We catch up on all our news at my appointments! I strongly recommend her services to anyone looking to revitalize their skin all while being pampered in a luxurious spa atmosphere.

Lisa Boivin

I have been a client of Diane Paju for several years. Diane is a very caring and professional person who is conscious of your needs and individualizes her treatment for your particular skin condition. Having a facial with Diane is truly a wonderful and relaxing experience. The products she carries for skin care she matches to your own requirements and the results are amazing. I would highly recommend Diane to everyone.

Heather Chambers

Warm smiles always welcome you when visiting Diane Paju. A calm and relaxing atmosphere is guaranteed every time whether you are visiting for a massage, facial or electrolysis.
I have had many different treatments and Diane has always been very professional and I have left happy and satisfied with the results.

Louise Young

Diane creates a serene, welcoming atmosphere upon every visit. This has been a consistent enhancement to the treatments, skills and gifts she demonstrates in her profession. Over the years, I have felt rejuvenated as I tried a number of services that Diane offers – Acupressure Massage, Oxygen Enhanced Facials, Reiki, Reflexology.. to name a few. I always appreciate Diane’s unique intuitive flair and attention to a holistic view of people in her treatments. My visits are both a treat to me that I look forward to , and a way to retreat to my peaceful core. The best part is.. I can take that peace with me when I leave!

Becky Desjardins