Interlude Body Treatments

Interlude Body Treatments

Sunrise Body Wrap: Sea algae, mineral extracts, vitamins A,C,E, fresh grapefruit and lemon extracts will add a total therapeutic experience for mind and body. A relaxing effleurage massage with a Vita Lipid complex, foil wrap & heated blanket offers a sense of balance, warmth, freshness and is detoxifying. Aids in improved circulation.$160.00

Back Finale: Reduces itching, dryness, and pigment problems. Cleansing, phytogel application & brushing of skin to dissolve and remove keratinized cells, vapor, extractions, aroma back massage, mask, balancing tonic spray and protection cream.$145.00

Body Relaxation Massage

1/2 hour: $60.00
3/4 hour: $75.00
Full hour: $100.00

Hot Stone Massage

3/4 hour: $100.00
Full hour: $120.00