Advanced Skin Care

Energy 900 Advanced Skin Care

MicroControlled Peeling

A revolutionary system that provides “resurfacing” through a projection of natural mineral crystals over the skin to gradually erase flaws and blemishes. It refines pores, coarse and granular skin, reducing uneven pigmentation while smoothing superficial scars and blemishes.

Add to any Facial: (phase 1,2,3)$25.00 – $30.00
Face and Neck: $35.00

Micro Controlled Peeling offers a gentler alternative to more traumatic resurfacing treatments with lasting results..

Age Management System “Energy 900 Technology”

This is a revolutionary system that works through a process called Kinetic Bio Stimulation, which is a process that transfers energy directly to the cells. Tissues are stimulated and reprogrammed to resume their natural, youthful functions.

X-treme Rejuvenation Treatment: $150.00
With MicroPeeling: $165.00

Combines the layering of three types of kinetic energy for optimal anti-aging results. Five essential phases are intricately performed using Accupoint stimulation, pulsating light and ultrasonic frequencies.

Kinelase Treatment: $120.00
With MicroPeeling: $130.00

Uses a pen electrode to stimulate accupoints on the face using LED energy as well as Impulse microcurrents within special parameters and ultrasound to increase oxygen and cellular massage.

Kinelift Facial: $95.00
With MicroPeeling: $120.00

Impulse microcurrents are combined with light emitting diodes (LED) are used to provide a visible lifting effect and retain muscle tissue.

Purelight Acne Treatment: $95.00
With MicroPeeling: $120.00
Hyperpigment Treatment: $95.00
With MicroPeeling: $120.00
DermaLifting Treatment: $95.00
With MicroPeeling: $125.00

Used to restore muscles in the face and neck to tone to it’s original state. Lifts and restores the epidermis, dermis and muscle tissue.

*Please note all above treatments purchased in a series of 6 or more is discounted at 10%.*