Interlude Facials

Head Massage

Mini Glow: Simply for men and women on the go to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, basic mask application and moisture balance cream. Includes replenishing eye cream.$60.00

Revivor Treatment: Same as miniglow with added soft net deep cleanse, brushing, gommage, therapy cream, mask and finishing cream, eye contour cream.$70.00

Refining Treatment: Includes cleansing, toning, deep cleansing and exfoliating, massage face & décolleté, treatment cream, mask, eye mask, light finishing cream, eye cream.$80.00

Exclusive Treatment: As Above with inclusion of extractions, oxygen steam, corrective care, concentrates and mask to fortify the skin’s support system, eye contour cream.$92.00

Prestige Spa Facial: Luxurious and corrective for the ultimate in skin refining, firming and regeneration. Provides double mask, top care ampoules, serums with specialized ingredients and eye contour drainage massage & mask.$105.00

Enzymatic Professional Treatment: Delicately removes dead cells in a two phase process leaving the skin brightened. For all skin types also suited for sensitive skin. A safe alternative to harsh chemical peels.$115.00

The Extras

Ultimate Collagen lift Mask:$20.00

Eye Lift Collagen Mask:$15.00

Lip Plump:$12.00

Eye and Lip Combo:$20.00

Full eye Kinelase with mask:$70.00


Eyelash Tint:$30.00

Brow Tint:$25.00

Lash Perm:$50.00